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Nap Challenges

While some causes of sleep problems have obvious solutions (a soiled diaper needs changing, trapped gas must come out), other causes are more complex, because they are related to factors indirectly tied to sleep. Understanding the complexity of a nap disturbance begins with the following four facts:

  1. Sleep challenges originate from one of four sources: Baby, Mom, waketime activities, or baby’s sleep environment.
  2. Sleep challenges are unique in that they are both a problem and a symptom. When a baby wakes early, it disrupts his overall feed-wake-sleep routine. That’s the problem! But waking early is also a symptom of something going in the routine that is negatively influencing your baby’s nap. It must be identified and then isolated.
  3. In seeking to understand why her baby is waking early, Mom must look at the overall characterization of the challenge. Does it happen with every nap or with only certain naptimes (e.g., morning naps)?
  4. Sleep problems can only come into being after a baby has his feed-wake-sleep routine well established. 

With these four general truths in hand, the next step of the process is to work through“Solve My Baby’s Nap Challenge” on your App, by building your baby’s sleep profile. While most sleep/naptime challenges are listed, there may be an occasion when an answer remains elusive. It may be something that is unique to the baby and falls into the category of "unknown." Rare as this might be, it does exist. Keep looking for clues, asking questions, or inviting another experienced Mom over for a morning or afternoon to observe you and your baby. 

Disclaimer: The Babywise Nap App will help parents analyze their baby’s sleep challenge. It will also offer recommendations based on the data received. However, the App is not a substitute for sound judgment related to a medical condition, nor offered as a medical advice to deal with an underlying medical condition. Any on-going sleep disturbance should be brought to the attention of your baby’s health care provider.