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On Becoming Babywise ~ Giving Your Infant the Gift of Nighttime Sleep

You’re sitting in a coffee shop enjoying a latte, surfing the web on your mobile device, while your baby plays contentedly with his bright orange teething ring, occasionally glancing up from his car seat. Suddenly you hear a total stranger comment, “Oh my, what a happy baby you have, so content and alert.” You smile with a gesture of appreciation, but are not surprised by the kind words; scenes like this are not uncommon to a Babywise parent.

What do comments like these have to do with sleep? Everything! The achievements of healthy growth, contented babies, good naps, and playful waketimes, as well as the gift of nighttime sleep, are too valuable to be left to chance. They need to be parent-directed and parent-managed. These are attainable conclusions, because infants are born with the capacity to achieve these outcomes and, equally important, the need to achieve them. Babywise demonstrates how this is done, but only after the authors explain why it is done.

This we know: Babywise babies are characterized by contentment, healthy growth, and optimal alertness. These babies truly exude happiness—which after all, is tied back to being well-rested. In fact, healthy, full-term babies are born with the capacity to achieve 7-8 hours of continuous nighttime sleep between seven and ten weeks of age and 10 to 12 hours of sleep by twelve weeks of age.